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Some common directory design flaws include:

  • Inefficient Structure – Users, computers and groups and email should be organized so that tasks including management can be done with the least amount of administrative effort. In many cases, IT workers are doing more work than necessary because they are limited by the directory and Exchange structure.

  • Inability to Scale – Inefficient design and management of Active Directory can lead to additional complexity and a decrease in the ability to grow effectively.


While these problems can be corrected by redesigning your architecture, they can be easily avoided if planned effectively

during the initial phases of a new deployment or migration project.

With years of experience, our team of engineers can provide the knowledge and experience with architecting and re-architecting your environment. No two companies are alike, so there is no one-size-fits-all design. We make it our purpose to help design a solution that fits your business needs.

Contact GlobalTek Systems to learn more about our personal approach to solving your design and deployment needs and see how we’ve helped other clients with similar needs to yours.

Exchange Server is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s messaging solution. With the ability to securely access all of their communications-e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, and more-from nearly any platform, Web-browser, or device, Exchange users can take advantage of all the productivity and collaboration benefits.

Directory Services

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